Threds of Red
Providing protection, Promoting dignity, and Preserving life-long learning...Period
Feminine Hygiene Management
​Our interactive workshop examines the monthly cycle and menstruation management. We create a safe space for girls to ask questions and dialogue about their body.​
Following the workshop, each participant receives a feminine hygiene essentials bag contained in an adorable backpack. Our kits are designed to include what is needed to manage her period in a safe and effective way.

Health and Wellness

To prepare the girls in making healthy and responsible decisions, basic and fundamental hygiene is examined. The girls are led through an informal and fun instruction about female anatomy, normal growth and development, and reproductive health.
We discuss physical, emotional and social changes associated with puberty and adolescence.

Sexual Health

​Discussions may often evolve into more sensitive subjects and can include loss of virginity, pregnancy and rape. We additionally discuss sexually transmitted diseases as well as HIV/AIDS when appropriate.